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What comes to mind when you hear “Australian Craft Beer”?

Australia is renowned for brewing some of the best craft beers and independent labels.

At AMSL Scientific, we aim to help local brewers protect their brand by ensuring their beer quality remains at a high standard.

For the past 40 years, our expert team of Australian scientists have been helping brewers find the right products for their brewery. We take the time to understand your needs backed with a range of innovative, practical and reliable products.

We supply products helping brewers:

  • Ensure cleaning processes and tank hygiene are effective and reliable
  • Rapid detection of beer spoilage organisms to reduce the likelihood of costly recalls
  • Easy detection of flavour taint via chemical flavour profile analysis

What we offer:

  • Targeted, easy-to-use products helping you protect beer quality and brand reputation
  • Exceptional customer service with reliable and fast delivery
  • Team of scientists with industry knowledge to provide qualified technical support

The difference our products make:

  • Innovative: Rapid results to streamline safety compliance
  • Practical: Prioritise small footprint, straightforward and economical 
  • Reliable: High accuracy and sensitivity

We partner with:

  • Biomerieux: VERIFLOW™ and GENE-UP® Rapid beer spoilage detection
  • CDR FOODLAB®: BeerLab® Instruments for quality assurance parameters
  • Merck: ATP for tank hygiene monitoring

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