Aaron Rigg - Mining Engineer Turned Publican

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Beer is a Conversation
Aaron Rigg – Mining Engineer Turned Publican

This week we meet we meet mining engineer turned publican, Aaron Rigg.

Aaron’s story is like many who have come to work in craft beer…fell in love with the products, become more and more interested with some mates and then, after a few beers, found himself as a part owner of a craft beer pub in Maitland. As you’ll hear there’s a little more to it than that, but there’s also a lot to the journey that Aaron has been on.

Aaron is also a management consultant, and having spoken with him about his journey over the years and been impressed with his insights, I thought it would be a useful chat for others interested in getting into the industry to hear about the highs and the lows, and what he’s learned and what he would do differently.

It’s a great chat about buying into the beer business, why you’d do it but also why you may not.

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