Bintani Trade Day - Infused Malts
23 Aug 2023

Infused Malts

In this Brewery Pro Tradeshow podcast Cristal Peck - Product Innovation Manager from Boortmalt leads a discussion with highlighting the creative innovation that is Infusion Malt by Boortmalt's Belgian malt house - Belgomalt.  

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BreweryPro - SafeAle K-97
28 Jul 2023

The impact of SafAle K-97 on hoppy beers

In this Brewery Pro Tradeshow Podcast Matt Kirkegaard speaks with Fermentis’ Sensory Manager, Gabriela Montandon to discuss some of the company's recent discoveries, including the dynamic nature of its SafAle™ K-97 yeast.

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The Crowd Goes Wild
20 Jul 2023

BrewCon Replay: The Crowd Goes Wild

In this BrewCon Replay episode Blair Hughes leads a panel about what breweries can learn from the sports business about fan engagement. 

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Proper Costing of Beer
12 Jul 2023

BrewCon Replay: Proper Costing of Beer

In this BrewCon Replay episode Maria Pearman, finance professor and author, presented at BrewCon 2019 on the Proper Costing of Beer - a topic that is just as important today.

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Working with Fruit
6 Jul 2023

BrewCon Replay: Working with Fruit

In this series BrewCon Replay, Topher Boehm from Wildflower Brewing and Blending discusses Working with Fruit. This was a presentation from BrewCon 2018.

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Bintani Trade Day - Certified Sustainable
12 May 2023

Certified Sustainable

Phil Meddings talks with a panel about how Bintani and its partners have worked with Certified Sustainable to reduce the carbon footprint created by malt and they are on the cusp of creating a low carbon malt for the industry.

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Bintani Trade Day - Superdelic
9 May 2023


In this BreweryPro Tradeshow podcast Kirrily Waldhorn interviews Dr Ron Beatson about the newest hop release from NZ Hops - Superdelic.

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Bintani Trade Day - Bulk Handling Malt
9 May 2023

Bulk Handling Malt

In this BreweryPro Tradeshow podcast Rob from Bintani talks about what the company is doing to help reduce waste from malt bags and what it might mean for your brewery to participate in this closed loop recycling system. 

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2 May 2023

2023 Crop Report: Eclipse is on the rise

Australia's largest hop grower, Hop Products Australia has released its report on the 2023 hop harvest.

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Bintani Trade Day - SafBrew BR-8 V2
21 Apr 2023

SafBrew BR-8

In this Brewery Pro Tradeshow podcast Sam Bethune from Bintani runs through the new SafBrew BR-8 strain of yeast from Fermentis.

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Bintani Trade Day - US Hops Update V2
21 Apr 2023

US Hops Update

Matt Kirkegaard led an important conversation around hops from the U.S. with a panel of guests including Stan Hieronymus of Appellation Beer, Tom Britz of Glacier Hops Ranch, Jim Solberg of Indie Hops and Alexandra Nowell of CLS Farms.

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Brewery Pro - Brewtique (1)
14 Apr 2023

Brewhouse Automation

In this edition of BreweryPro Tradeshow podcast, we meet Neal Cameron from Brewtique and also Warren Bradford from Fermecraft looking at brewhouse automation.

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