Adam Gibb - White Brick Brewing

This week on Beer is a conversation we hear about what happens when your dream of owning a brewery doesn’t go to plan.

Passionate homebrewer Adam Gibb opened White Brick Brewing in North Lakes north of Brisbane in November 2017 and closed it in July this year at the height of the COVID lockdowns. While COVID was the nail in the coffin, as Adam learned, things don’t always go to plan and running a brewery is fraught with challenges.

It’s always a hard conversation to speak to someone who’s dream hasn’t worked out, but as you’ll hear, despite how it ended, Adam has no regrets, and lots of learnings, about his decision to have a go.

We discuss Adam’s original plans for his own brewery and how that compared to what happened, what he learned and also what he would do differently.

It’s an important conversation for anyone who dreams of opening a brewery to hear.

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