Bede Durbidge - Balter Brewing Company

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Beer is a Conversation
Bede Durbidge – Balter Brewing Company

This week, we have something a little different as we meet Bede Durbidge, one of the founders of Balter Brewing Company.

Balter is sometimes – and I think unfairly – referred to as the surfers brewery, on account of the four very visible faces who were behind the business. While the profile of the surfers behind Balter undoubtedly helped garner some attention and stand out in an increasingly crowded market when it launched, the drinks industry is littered with brands that failed despite much more evident star power.

Having heard Bede speak about his career and the origins of the brewery, I always wondered whether the people behind the brand, actually played a part in its success in ways more than just celebrity. That’s what I explore in this episode.

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