Beer is a Conversation: Belgin Köse

This week’s Beer is a Conversation guest is Belgin Köse, Regional General Manager, Asia Pacific for Cargill, owners of Joe White Maltings. Belgin has held this role for 18 months and over that time she has been driving a project that is being launched this week at BrewCon: Signature Malt.

This initiative will see Joe White maltings assess malt coming in from every region after harvest and, with the help of Bintani, choose the best barley of the year, and then match it with the most appropriate malt house in their network to malt that parcel of barley with the aim of giving brewers a malt and the technical information about it they will need for great brewhouse performance.

In addition to learning about how Joe White is working to bring the sexy back to malt, as a native Belgian, Belgin speaks eloquently about the simple beauty of beer and the romance of Belgian beer culture, something that seems very relevant in our discussion about malt.

Enjoy the conversation.

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