Beer is a Conversation: Ben Kraus

This week’s guest is no stranger to listeners of the Radio Brews News Channel, Ben Kraus.

Back in 2005 Ben convinced his partner Maria to move from the Tirol region of Austria to Beechworth and open was was then called a microbrewery. Ben now says it was a pretty bold and naïve move for a couple of 24-year-olds with just $15000 as starting capital.

However, 13 years later Bridge Road Brewers is going strong and is a community hub in its hometown of Beechworth, not to mention a mainstay of the national craft beer movement.

Ben is also a director of the Independent Brewers Association and is still outspoken on issues of craft, tap contracts, provenance and much, much more… all of which we canvass in this wide ranging discussion.

Enjoy the conversation.

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