Beer is a Conversation: Ben Kraus

Last week Matt was in Nuremberg to check out the mother of all brewing trade shows, BrauBeviale, and while there he ran into Bridge Road Brewers founder Ben Kraus who is currently a few months into a 12-month hiatus from the brewery which he and his family are spending in his partner’s native Austria.

We learn how Ben, who has very much been central to Bridge Road’s brand, vision and personality, set the business up in a way that allowed him to step away from the business so completely. We discuss his reasons for taking a break from the business, and whether the break from the day-to-day hubbub of the beer world has given him a new perspective on the Australian industry. We also learn what beers he has been drinking in Austria.

It’s a fun chat with someone who has been an enduring guest on the podcast. Enjoy the conversation.

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