Beer is a Conversation: Diarmaid O’Mordha

This week on Beer is a Conversation Matt is joined by Diarmaid O’Mordha, Quality & Sustainability Manager at Endeavour Drinks Group, the business that runs Dan Murphy’s and BWS.

These retailers hold an interesting place in the Australian drinks world. On the one hand they are held up as giants shading out small independent bottleshops and skewing the shape of the drinks landscape. On the other, they are outlets where more Australians buy alcohol than any other, and they are increasingly major partners to some of your favourite craft beer brands by becoming their defacto distributors.

With such an influence on the beer marketplace, Endeavour can have a major effect on the beers that you drink. Freshness and drinking quality are increasingly becoming a talking point around the craft beer community and the major retailers exert a huge influence over the market.

As Quality & Sustainability Manager, Diarmaid is at the centre of the decisions that BWS and Dans are making in the beer space, so this is a fascinating and timely chat about beer, retail, freshness and quality.

Enjoy the conversation.

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