Justin Kendall and Zoe Licata - Brewbound

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Justin Kendall and Zoe Licata – Brewbound

Today were speaking with Justin Kendall and Zoe Licata from US brewing industry news site, Brewbound.

Brewbound is the leading industry trade publication providing comprehensive information about the United States beer industry, analysis of industry trends and in-depth interviews with industry leaders.

Justin is the site’s editor and Zoe a reporter and both are extremely plugged into what’s going on in the US and two people whose coverage I always look to when news breaks in that market.

With the US being so influential on emerging trends here in Australia, I thought it was a good opportunity to talk with them about what they were seeing in the US beer market particularly following the sobering news that came out of the Craft Brewers Conference back in May.

We start by talking about what they have labelled as craft beer’s toxic positivity problem, we look at current trends and challenges facing the beer market and how their industry and industry associations are responding and we also look at the future of the beer slushie

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