Beer is a Conversation: Steve Hindy

This week we catch up with Brooklyn Brewery Co-founder Steve Hindy.

We last caught up with Steve in June 2015 after he gave the keynote presentation at the then Craft Beer Industry Association’s Craft Brewers Conference and I caught up with Steve again during a Good Beer Week in Melbourne

In that earlier chat Steve talked about such things including the US’s ability to cope with what was then projected brewery growth that would see 5000 breweries operating. Of course, they now have in excess of 7000.

He also talked about the challenges Australian craft breweries would have in the face of tap contracts here.

Since then, Brooklyn has taken on a 24.5% investment from Kirin and is today distributed in Lion. We talk about the complexities of the international beer market that see a US Brewers Association board member and champion of the Independence logo there have his beer distributed – and brewed under licence – in another market by a company that doesn’t carry the same logo here.

We discuss that and much much more about Brooklyn, it’s beers and the future.

Steve is a legend of craft brewing with valuable insights into the industry, and great company. It’s a great chat, we hope you enjoy it.

You can go back and listen to our earlier chat here and be amazed at what has changed over just four years.

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