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This week we jump into the way, way back machine and visit a time before craft beer was even a thing. Back to when you could write a book that took beer much more seriously than most books about beer, but still categorised it in terms of ‘session’, ‘premium’ or ‘weirdo’ beer.

I speak with Ben Canaider, who together with fellow wine writer Greg Duncan Powell, wrote a book called Slabs Stubbies and Six-Packs A Tasting Guide. If you’ve re-discovered beer in the last decade, or turned 18 in that time, you have been spoiled in a way by the abundance of information coming at you from every quarter. This book was published before blogs were even a thing, let alone social media. Printed daily newspapers were on their death bed, not that they covered beer really anyway.

Ben talks about why he saw beer as a topic worthy of writing about in an intelligent, but the approachable, way and also what he thinks of what beer has become.

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