Ben Twomey - Southern Highlands Brewing

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Ben Twomey – Southern Highlands Brewing

This week Matt speaks with Ben Twomey, founder of Southern Highlands Brewing which has just been acquired by the UK-based Powder Monkey Group.

Now, this is an interesting one. It’s no secret that in the current market, many small breweries are looking to evolve and find a business model that opens up a way forward in a very crowded market. Consolidation is the word on everyone’s lips so it was no surprise to receive a media release about two breweries coming together. However, I would definitely had long odds on that being a merger between a small regional New South Wales brewery and a small regional brewery in the UK.

But that’s what has happened with Southern Highlands Brewing merged into the Powder Monkey Group Limited, owners of Powder Monkey Brewing Co and Powder Monkey Tap House near Portsmouth in the United Kingdom.

It’s an intriguing move and I am sure that, like me, you have plenty of questions. So this is my chat with Southern Highlands Brewing founder Ben Twomey in which I try and make sense of one of the more interesting announcements of 2023.

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