Brendan Day - Cheeky Monkey Brewing

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Beer is a Conversation
Brendan Day – Cheeky Monkey Brewing

This week I speak with Brendan day from WA’s Cheeky Monkey Brewery.

With the entire industry looking at ways forward and industry consolidation a very hot talking point this week Cheeky Monkey and announced that it was acquiring Sound Brewing Company which is currently in administration. Brendan and I discussed that and Cheeky Monkey’s plans for the newly combined businesses, but we also go back and talk about the origins of Cheeky Monkey, the state of brewing in Western Australia and the opportunities for and challenges around growth more generally

This is a terrific chat one that I now wish that I’d had much much sooner given his Insights and thoughtfulness. As we often say on the podcast, answers can be had to come and are often very subjective but in this conversation Brendan generously shares his calculations and working that are relevant to all.

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