Hop Nation Brewing Co.

Hop Nation Brewing Co.

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Hop Nation started out as a pipe dream for us and, like most pipe dreams, testing the waters with a little savings while hanging onto the day jobs was the first goal. A ton of research, pilot brews and trips to the bank later – we set up the company, came up with a brand and label concept with some friends, put down our first IPA brew and released THE FIEND back in May of 2015. We've now been brewing in Footscray for over 6 years, and we favour hop-forward styles and experimenting with quality ingredients. Our small batch beers are made using quality, natural ingredients with no fining or pasteurization and minimal filtration.

  • Opened: 2015
  • Type: Medium
  • Owned: Independent
  • Address: Unit 6, 107/109 Whitehall Street, Footscray Vic 3011 AUS
Hop Nation Brewing Co.
Footscray, Vic | Medium
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