Moo Brew

Moo Brew

Beers from Tasmania

Moo Brew was started on a whim:  David Walsh - professional Tasmanian gambler - got a little drunk somewhere in Eastern Europe, found a bottle he liked and decided to build a brewery to fill it (as you do).  He already had a foot in the booze pond, having bought one of Tasmania's oldest wineries - Moorilla Estate - in the nineties, so a brewery probably made sense as well. Initially built on site at Moorilla (which David called Moo Land - hence Moo Brew) the brewery was very fancy, very small and quite weird, but it was built with quality and a local focus in mind. Moo Brew set out to create the best versions of classic beer styles, but wasn't afraid to sometimes tweak a few fundamentals and bend some rules here and there.  Now into our 18th year, that attitude plus a growing appetite for experimentation has borne fruit and some bloody good brews.

  • Opened: 2005
  • Type: Large
  • Owned: Independent
  • Address: 76a Cove Hill Road, Bridgewater Tas 7030 AUS
Moo Brew
Bridgewater, Tas | Large
Moo Brew opened in 2005 in Moorilla before moving to Bridgewater, Tasmania. It has grown to become Tasmania's largest craft brewery.
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