Wolf of the Willows

Wolf of the Willows

Small Batch. Hand Crafted. Independent. Beer.

Wolf of the Willows is a brewing company in Mordialloc, Victoria, established in 2014. We have a passion for producing hand crafted, modern ales that are distinct in quality, flavour and character – what we like to call ‘Ales of Distinction’. Our satisfaction comes from taking raw, natural ingredients and turning them into beers that we love to drink. We take pride in the fact that we brew the beer, we can the beer, we do it all. This all said, if we can simply provide you with a moment of enjoyment from a pint of one of our humble ales, then our job is done.

  • Opened: 2014
  • Type: Medium
  • Owned: Independent
  • Address: 39 De Havilland Road, Mordialloc Vic 3195 AUS
Wolf of the Willows
Mordialloc, Vic | Medium
Wolf of the Willows is an independent brewing company and taproom venue that opened in 2014 in Mordialloc, Victoria.
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