Brews News Live - BrewCon19: Rudi Ghequire

This week on Radio Brews News Live, Rodenbach’s Rudi Ghequire.

Rudi’s bio reads that he was born in the shadow of the historic Rodenbach Brewery in Belgium, and has spent the last 37 years advancing the legacy of the region’s distinctive sour beer, brewing with a combination of old-world and new-world technologies. Rodenbach has long been the darling of beer enthusiasts with Rudi at the helm as the modern day father of sour beer. He was promoted to Brewmaster in 1994 the post he holds today 25 years later.

A lover of tradition but never its slave and a passionate advocate for good beer, thanks to Bintani we are thrilled to bring you this conversation.

Our coverage of BrewCon19 was made possible by Bintani, who are not only providing brewers with the finest ingredients, they gave us the opportunity to bring you the finest guests live.

BrewCon 2020 will take place on September 21 and 22 next year.

Rudi Ghequire BrewCon

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