Brews News Live – BrewCon19: Ruth Leary

Thanks to Bintani we were able to take Radio Brews News to BrewCon and capture a little of what was on offer to those who were lucky enough to get to Australian craft brewing’s annual conference and trade show.

In this episode we chat with Ruth Leary from Fermentis. Ruth holds a Bachelor of Science degree in food science from Otago University and also an IBD Diploma in Brewing. Ruth studied fermentation science as a post grad and fell in love with beer when she started at Lion Brewery in New Zealand in 2002, first in the technical team and then as a yeast propagator. She is now the Regional Sales Manager for Fermentis.

We chat about her career starting at Lion and her experiences in the beer industry joining a very male-dominated business in the early 2000s. Then we take a look at yeast and learn a little about what’s happening in yeast development in a hazy beer world.

BrewCon 2020 will take place on September 21st and 22nd next year.

Enjoy the conversation.

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