Brews News Live from GABS: Grum, Pia Poynton and Eddie Still

This is a special edition of Brews News, live from GABS in Melbourne.

Thanks to Bintani, Brews News was able to take our mobile studio to GABS and capture some great discussions with a wide range of people in the beer industry.

Today we have a couple of shorter interviews with some of the unsung members of the brewing industry. People who generally let their beers do the talking and are quite reluctant in front of a microphone.

First we have Grum from Exit Brewing. We weren’t able to tease Grum’s real name out of him but we were able to learn the background to Exit Brewing, his approach to brewing and his reaction to picking up a couple of gold medals at the Australian International Beer Awards the night before. We also get his thoughts on why brewing is so attractive to refugees from the IT industry.

We also got to talk with Pia Poynton and Eddie Still from Nowhereman Brewing Co. Pia talks us through the story of Nowhereman while Eddie very reluctantly takes the mic and takes us through the process of making his first gold medal winning beer and a little bit about him and his background in brewing.

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