Brews News Live from GABS: Phil and Dale Meddings

This is a special edition of Brews News, live from GABS in Melbourne.

Thanks to Bintani, Brews News was able to take our mobile studio to GABS and capture some great discussions with a wide range of people in the beer industry.

We do a lot of conversations, but there’s something about having a live studio at GABS that just saw the guests relax and talk in a way that they don’t always do when a microphone is in front of them. As a result we will be serving you up some terrific bonus content over the next few weeks that will offer some interesting and forthright observations.

In this episode we kick off with a conversation with Phil and Dale Meddings from Bintani. A lot has happened with Bintani over the last twelve months, from the partial sale of their business to their US counterpart Rahr Corporation. This led to the end of their agreement with Yakima Chief Hops that in turn led to a lawsuit in the US relating to the termination of that contract.

We discuss the events of the last year, what it means for the business and their plans for the future, as well as learn a little more about how Bintani came to be.

It’s a forthright chat with two genuine gentlemen of the beer game and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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