Brews News Live: Rhys Lopez and Dylan Hunter

Thanks to Bintani this is a special edition of Radio Brews News, live from the West Australian Brewers Association Craft Brewers Conference.

Today we have two conversations. Firstly Rhys Lopez, Head Brewer from Otherside Brewing and then Dylan Hunter from Cheeky Monkey. Both are brewers who, on their way to other places, fell into craft beer and then into brewing. Rhys was a young journalism student who 14 years ago was saved from taking a part time job as a supermarket night filler by a friend who instead got him a job as a glassy at Little Creatures and changed his life forever.

Then we have Cheeky Monkey’s Dylan Hunter who started working in wine packaging before discovering home brewing and moving to the packaging line at Gage Roads, which saw him move into brewing. Enjoy the conversations.

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