Brews News Week #301 Back To School

We’re back podcasting for 2021 with a big news week as Fermentum snaps up Two Birds and Broo’s China deal collapses.

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Support for this episode comes from Ska Fabricating. Ska Fabricating builds reliable, automated packaging line equipment that is hand-crafted to make life easier for breweries and their production teams. If you are a brewer looking for the best way to get your product out of your taproom and into the hands of your customers, Ska Fab has you covered. With a wide range of depalletizers, custom conveyance, date coding, rinsing and drying systems, and more, Ska Fab specializes in helping breweries of all sizes get their beer from keg to can. To find out more about how Ska Fab can help you sell more beer, visit today.

We thank Rallings Labels and Stickers for sponsoring this podcast. Brewers, if you are still applying self-adhesive labels to your bottles and cans, and believe that this is a sustainable solution for your packaging needs, you may want to call Rallings Labels, Stickers and Packaging and discuss your options with them. The team at Rallings will walk you through the various options available to you, that are more sustainable than applying self-adhesive labels which don’t help the environment at all. Whilst they do produce self-adhesive labels for many breweries, there is a much better way to ensure that your carbon footprint is lower than what you are currently doing by utilising pre-sleeved cans. Give the guys a call on 1300 852 235 to find out more.

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