14th March
Can of Gubinge Gose by Beerfarm

Gubinge Gose | Beerfarm X Fervor

Beerfarm has announced the release of “Gubinge Gose” (4.2% abv). 

Beerfarm once again joined forces with Fervor to create this beer, which is the 10th edition of the Native Series. It’s sour and salty with subtle notes of pear and lemon myrtle.

Find this new beer online and at bottle shops.

11th March

Shred Betty Juicy IPA | Gage Roads Brew Co

Gage Roads Brew Co has announced the release of “Shred Betty Juicy IPA” (5.7% abv). 

An all-female team from Gage Roads teamed up with Pink Boots Society Australia for the fifth year running to create a limited-edition beer that funds scholarships to support the progression of women in the brewing industry.

Find this passionfruit, mango and grapefruit beer on tap and in cans across WA.

6 pack of VB Low Carb beers

VB Low Carb | Victoria Bitter

Victoria Bitter has announced the release of “VB Low Carb” (4.9% abv). 

This full flavoured, full strength brew has 33% fewer carbs than regular VB.

Find this new beer in cans and bottles at bottle shops across Australia.

8th March
Can of

Can It | Modus Brewing

Modus Operandi Brewing Company has announced the release of “Can It” (5.2% abv), a lightly juiced hazy pale ale with aromas of tropical fruit.

Modus will donate $5 per case sold to support Ukraine’s TEN MEN Brewery, which has been impacted by the war.

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4th March
Can of Air Time Low Carb Lager by Gage Roads with ocean in background

Air Time Low Carb Lager | Gage Roads

Gage Roads Brew Co has announced the release of “Air Time Low Carb Lager” (4.0% abv). 

This new addition to the brewery’s core range has 99 calories per can. The design was inspired by Gage Roads’ pro-surfer part-owner, Jack Robbo, and his aerial move.

Find this lager on tap in WA and in cans nationally.

Two Dalman Street beers on grass | The Coastal Brewing Company

Dalman Street | The Coastal Brewing Company

The Coastal Brewing Company has announced the launch of “Dalman Street.” 

The brewery has launched this new range of non-alcoholic beers with two brews: an Aussie Lager (<0.5% abv) and a West Coast IPA (<0.5% abv).

Find Dalman Street beers online, at the brewery’s taproom in Forster and at participating bottle shops, bars and restaurants in NSW and the ACT.

1st March
Glass of Sirens’ Haze 2.0 by Felons Brewing Co. being held in the air

Sirens’ Haze 2.0 | Felons Brewing Co.

Felons Brewing Co. has announced the upcoming release of “Sirens’ Haze 2.0”, an evolution of its 2023 Belgian Amber Ale.

The brewery’s team of female brewers created this limited edition Hazy IPA in celebration of International Women’s Day 2024, with Felons set to donate 100% of the proceeds to Women’s Legal Service Queensland. The beer features the 6th Annual Pink Boots Society hop blend.

Find this beer on March 8 at the Felons brewpub or Felons Barrel Hall.