Beer Tourism with Kelly Ryan - wide
5 Dec 2022

Beer Tourism with Kelly Ryan

Brews News discussed beer tourism with Kelly Ryan, the Head of Marketing for Visit Sunshine Coast about her insights on beer tourism as they promote the Sunshine Coast as Australia's Craft Beer Capital.

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Scott Phillips - BreweryPro - wide
15 Nov 2022

Scott Phillips - Investing in the drinks industry

Brewery valuations and investment in the brewing industry have increasingly become issues of focus for Brews News as breweries look to raise capital. We speak to Scott Phillips, Motley Fool Podcast, about basic principles for investing and investing in brewing and some of the factors potential investors should consider in deciding whether they are actually investing, or indulging in a passion.

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20 Jul 2022

WABA: Paul Bowker - Keynote

Paul Bowker is the Founder and CEO of Brick Lane Brewing Company.  This keynote was recorded at the recent Western Australian Brewing Conference in Perth.

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HPA Hop Harvest 2022
18 Jul 2022

The fascination with fresh hop beers

This BreweryPro podcast looks at the process of picking green hops for immediate addition to fresh hop beers, part of Hop Products Australia’s 2022 Virtual Harvest program.

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Is everything old new again_
8 Jul 2022

WABA Panel: Is Everything Old New Again?

Managing director of Feral Brewing Co Brendan Varis, founder of Artisan Brewing Brian Fitzgerald and founder and head brewer of White Lakes Brewing, Sean Symons discuss the resurgence of traditional beer styles.

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Evolution of the Modern Brewhouse
5 Jul 2022

WABA Panel: Evolution of the Modern Brewhouse

Justin Fox, experienced brewer, founder of The Grain Keeper and flow master at Bespoke Brewing Solutions discusses the evolution of brewing and brewhouse from the the nostalgic tradition to a focus on sustainability and carbon neutral design.

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HPA Hop Harvest 2022
4 Jul 2022

From hop discovery to beer recipe design

In this BreweryPro podcast Brews News looks at the process of hop discovery through to beer recipe design as part of Hop Products Australia’s 2022 Virtual Harvest program.

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Becoming Carbon Neutral
30 Jun 2022

WABA Panel: Becoming Carbon Neutral

In the face of climate change, breweries are focusing on how to improve sustainability, through carbon neutrality. The panel line-up included Mel Holland, manager of planning, sustainability and environment at Rocky Ridge Brewing Co. and Michaela Hermanova, Carbon Active Certification consultant for Ndevr Environmental.

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Marketing to Younger Millennials
29 Jun 2022

WABA Panel: Marketing to Millennials

As the craft beer industry continues to evolve, marketing tactics continue to evolve with drinking tastes. With the introduction of new marketing trends to harness this change, creating and utilising marketing strategies to stay authentic and engage social media adept drinkers is a challenge many brewers face today. The panel included Bronte O’Donoghue, head of marketing at Eagle Bay Brewing, Meg Coffey, managing director of digital marketing agency Coffey & Tea and Tom Jockel, head of marketing at Shelter Brewing Co.

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Creating a world class brewpub
24 Jun 2022

WABA Panel: Creating a world-class brewpub

The growing prominence of the brewpub and the challenges faced by breweries operating as hospitality businesses was considered at a panel at the WA Brewers Association's Beer & Brewing conference last week. The panel line-up included Emma Locke, venue manager at Beerfarm, Lee Behan, head of hospitality at Gage Roads Brew Co., and Caroline Watson, group operations manager for hospitality at Lion.

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Crafting and Ale Trail
22 Jun 2022

WABA Panel: Crafting an Ale Trail

he panel included Claire Savage, founder and managing director of Savagely Creative, Josh Donohoe, founder of Sunshine Coast Craft Beer Tours and Sabrina Kunz, founder of NZ Ale Trail in her role as executive director of the Brewers Guild of New Zealand discussed the challenges and opportunities to create an ale trail and promote beer tourism.

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HPA Hop Harvest 2022
20 Jun 2022

Toward a carbon neutral future of beer

Climate change is already having a major impact on some of the key agricultural ingredients in beer, and will continue to do so in the coming years. Join HPA’s Owen Johnston and Dr Simon Whittock as they discuss how suppliers can help mitigate the overall impact with University of Tasmania climate research fellow Dr Tomas Remenyi as part of HPA's Virtual Hop Harvest 2022.

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