Chris Pisney and Jen Blair - Cicerone Certification Program

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Chris Pisney and Jen Blair – Cicerone Certification Program

This week I speak with Chris Pisney and Jen Blair from the Cicerone Certification Program.

Chris is Program Director for the program, and Jen is the Exam Manager…and Jen has just attained the highest accolade for Cicerones, becoming a Master Cicerone, joining a group of only 22 other individuals worldwide to achieve that title.

Education has always been in short supply in the brewing industry, and as beer styles have changed and evolved dramatically over the course of the last two decades, making beer service and consumer advice relevant to the highly diverse market has never been harder. In this conversation, I discuss with Jen and Chris how to make beer relevant to the market, improve service and ask what breweries and venues need to do to be better.

You can find out more at, there’s also an Australian Certified Cicerone group on Facebook that you should consider joining for support in your Cicerone journey.

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