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Beer is a Conversation
Christopher Shepard – Beer Marketer’s Insights

This week we meet Christopher Shepard Senior Editor of US publication, Beer Marketer’s Insights, which is the United States’ leading source of beer industry information since 1970.

In this conversation, we look at the challenges the brewing industry faces and what it means for breweries. We discuss the differences between the US and Australian markets, which is important when Australian brewers look to the US for a lead. We discuss the challenges the brewing industry will confront in the face of the growing neo-prohibition movement and demographic shifts and whether no alc is the answer. We also look at what has happened to Bud Light over the last few months and what that says about beer consumers and also beer’s ability to effect social change.

This episode of Beer is a Conversation is presented by HPA. Australia’s leading hop grower offers a huge range of Aussie, international and innovative hop products that can help breweries of all sizes become more efficient, more sustainable, and more profitable.

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