Craig and Lance Masterton - Heads of Noosa Brewing

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Craig and Lance Masterton – Heads of Noosa Brewing

This week we meet Craig and Lance Masterton from Heads of Noosa Brewing. We first met the brothers almost five years ago when the brewery opened.

For a start-up, it was an impressive setup, especially when the business was running very counter to what were then the predominant craft trends. While hops and haze were the norm, Heads made a Japanese Lager as it’s flagship beer and also put its beers in bottles. In a small brewing industry that is tended to follow the trends it was very interesting to watch the way this business has evolved and grown.

Five years down the track, and with the brewery at least giving the appearance of growth and success, I wanted to catch up with Craig and Lance and find out whether the reality matched the appearance, whether they would have done anything differently and what it was like to be ahead of the present lager wave. It’s a great chat and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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