Dean Romeo and Tom Champion - Felons Brewing Co

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Dean Romeo and Tom Champion – Felons Brewing Co

This week we return to Brisbane’s Felons Brewery after a four-year break and meet Brand Director Dean Romeo and Tom Champion its Brewery Director.

We last spoke to Felon’s Brewing before COVID-19 hit. just months after the Howard Smith’s Wharves on Brisbane’s Riverside opened. The huge development has since dramatically changed the hospitality face of Brisbane and Felons is central to the development.

I wanted to check in and find out how the hospitality-heavy business was going, what they’ve learned about having a craft brewery that has to cater to the widest of tastes in a venue that sees 10,000 visitors per week. I also wanted to talk a little about the changing tastes in beer. A very relevant conversation as this weekend the venue is launching its Lagerpalooza Beer Festival, celebrating that once maligned section of the beer landscape, lagers. It’s a fun but reflective chat with two terrific and very smart people and I hope you enjoyed it as much as you’ll hear that we did. you paragraph

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