Rossbrew is owned and operated by Sandy Ross. Having grown up on hop farms most of his life he started in the beer industry in 1998 selling hops with his father John for Hopunion and then with their own business Hopco. Sandy sold Hopco in 2021 and has now started Rossbrew.

At Rossbrew we sell brewing and dairy equipment. We are selling equipment for both Handtmann in Germany and Brewiks in Slovenia. We kept these two agencies from the Hopco days and this is what makes up the bulk of the Rossbrew business today.

Sandy has been selling Handtmann equipment for close to 20 years. Big filtration systems to mega breweries as well as small parts to craft breweries. From tank tops and piping to yeast propagation and hopping tanks the team at Handtmann can make anything. Handtmann can also plan and design your brewery set up and automate the whole thing in conjunction with your brewery manufacturer.

The Brewiks systems have been gaining a huge following in Europe and are now starting to be seen in the Asia Pacific as well. Imagine a brewery that you can remove from the box, plug it in and be brewing beer 10 minutes later – that’s Brewiks. The 200, 300 and 500 litre systems are plug and play but beware they also do 10 hec, 20 hec and larger systems that require a little more setting up. Whatever your brew size needs to be – let us know.

We also have access to bottling and canning lines from very reputable companies. We are also still selling Aquarox antioxidant.

If you’d like to talk about anything to do with beer or equipment please contact us soon.

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