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Geoff Huens & Richard Kelsey – Beer Cartel

This week, we’re catching up with Geoff Huens & Richard Kelsey from online beer retailer Beer Cartel.

Late last year, Beer Cartel released its results and advised it was moving to an online-only model, closing its Artarmon store.

With more than a decade of experience watching the growth of craft beer and the various fashions, from rare imports and growlers towards a move to local craft beer, as well as the significant jump in online during the pandemic, I was interested to hear about how these trends are impacting the decisions that a comparatively small online retailer is making.

Beer Cartel also raised nearly $1.5 million on a valuation of $20 million dollars 18 months ago, and with providing annual financial reports a requirement for businesses that raise funds in this way, it provides a window into the state of the craft industry, and we chat about how the business is going and also their decision to crowdfund and the results.

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