Hugh Jellie - Great Northern

This week we learn about the biggest beer in the land as Matt catches up with Hugh Jellie, Marketing Manager at the Great Northern Brewing Co.

In under 10 years, Great Northern went from launch to becoming the highest-selling beer in the country and in many ways, it has also changed the face of beer marketing by coming to reflect some major social shifts that have taken place in Australia. Check out the Pure Blonde commercial from around 15 years ago and compare it with the Great Northern Fathers Day commercial from 2019 we referenced in this conversation.

Beer marketing is always fascinating, especially when it comes to the biggest beer brands. With Stone & Wood’s entry into the clear-bottled contemporary market in August it felt like a good opportunity to find out what makes Great Northern tick and why it resonates so well with the modern beer drinker. We also get to touch on another hot topic – alcohol-free beer – with Great Northern’s entry into the market as well.

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