Infused Malts

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Infused Malts

In this Brewery Pro Tradeshow podcast Cristal Peck – Product Innovation Manager from Boortmalt leads a discussion with highlighting the creative innovation that is Infusion Malt by Boortmalt’s Belgian malt house – Belgomalt.

Cristal is joined by Chris Moore, owner and Head Brewer at Sailors Grave Brewing who had the opportunity to brew with some of the first commercial releases of Infusion Malts and gives his local Australian perspective.

Infusion Malt is just that – it sees sees flowers, spices, fruit and other ingredients infused into grains as the raw barley is transformed into malt.

Infusion Malt is set to add another tool to the toolkit for brewers and we hope you find this presentation as insightful as we did.

If you want to sample the malt used by Chris you can head to Bintani to get your hands on it.

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