Kelsey Picard - Beer is a Conversation

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Beer is a Conversation
Kelsey Picard – Beer is a Conversation

This week we talk the science of beer with PhD Candidate Kelsey Picard, one of the founders of Science Made Beerable.

Kelsey’s scientific background isn’t in beer, but she is a beer lover and her developing love for it as a consumer tickled her scientific curiosity, and in doing so she has become an enthusiastic advocate for sharing the science of making it.

In this conversation we talk about what fired her interest, the challenges in communicating about science – and beer – and whether brewers are great at communicating about the things they make (spoiler alert, often they’re not) and also what can the brewing industry learn from science in a range of areas, including inclusion.

It’s a great chat about the magic that underpins brewing, and how we can communicate that to fire other people’s passions from someone who communicates it very well.

You can find out how to join the event and buy the beers here and follow it on Facebook here.

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