Liam Pereira - White Bay Beer Co

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Beer is a Conversation
Liam Pereira – White Bay Beer Co

Today we meet Liam Pereira, recently appointed Head of Hospitality and Community at Sydney’s White Bay Beer Co.

Liam has had an incredibly varied career in the brewing industry. From pulling pints in London to working in a hotel bar with early craft beer aspirations, to working in bottle shops, to being a co-owner of Dave’s brewery tours and Sydney Beer Week to working at Batch brewing and now his latest position White Bay Beer Co, he has seen a lot.

His career has spanned and also mirrored the formative years of craft beer. Liam was drawn to the passion and excitement of the industry’s early days but is also seen it mature and confront a myriad of challenges. This podcast really looks at what people in the industry have learnt throughout their careers and Liam is one of those people that can really talk about some of the lessons that are to be learnt comma and that he has learnt himself.

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