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Mark Hubbard – OnMarket

This week I speak with Mark Hubbard, Campaign Manager with equity crowdfunding firm OnMarket.

Long-time listeners may recall I spoke with Mark way back in 2016, not long after he founded Blizzard Brewery in Victoria’s High Country.

Blizzard has since closed but Mark is still of the industry, now working with OnMarket as a brewery crowdfunding specialist.

Mark is also a podcast listener and has heard my thoughts about equity crowdfunding, and has reached out a number of times to discuss them, very frankly.

On this occasion, Mark very generously agreed to have a chat on mic for the podcast.

I say generously, because as a listener you will know that I have expressed some thoughts about how the wonderful potential of equity crowdfunding hasn’t always delivered on its promise and its promises, and especially my concerns about the powerlessness that many investors have felt about the lack of recourse when the reality hasn’t met that promise.

Well, in this episode I get to discuss all of that, and more, and address some of my frustrations about the process.

When I say address my frustrations, I’ll leave it to you to decide whether vent may be more appropriate. But my frustrations and doubts were certainly aired…and I hope fairly expressed

And I have to thank Mark for engaging with those questions and doubts with patience and good humour…even for the considerable time after we finished recording. As he said, having heard me on previous podcasts, he was certainly not ambushed by the questions. But also as Mark said, the conversation was important to foster understanding.

And there was quite a bit of that, on both sides, even if our views of how well-regulated the system is may still differ.

It was a great chat….and I hope that whichever side of the discussion you come down on, you agree it was robust but in good spirit.

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