Matt Brynildson - Firestone Walker Brewery

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Beer is a Conversation
Matt Brynildson – Firestone Walker Brewery

This week we have a great conversation with brewer Matt Brynildson.

Matt is Brewmaster at California’s Firestone Walker Brewery. He is one of those brewers that is quietly revered by other brewers and we were lucky to get to catch up with him advance of his upcoming visit to Australia. He will here for HPA’s hop harvest and, of interest to Australian brewers, speaking at the High Country Hop Technical Symposium where he will be speaking on the topic of Hop Quality and Optimising Hop Impact – A field to glass approach.

Matt is perfectly placed to speak about this. He moved into brewing from a job as a hop chemist and has been heavily involved in teaching about hops through the Master Brewers Association of America and the US-based Hop Quality Group…something that we discuss in this conversation.

Such is a life of and commitment to hops, last year he was awarded the Order of the Hop at the at the International Hop Congress in Prague, only the second US brewer to be so honoured.

In this conversation you will hear Matt talk about that, and so much more about the evolution of hops in brewing and some thoughts on where we are and where brewers are headings. More than anything, it will give you a taste of what you will hear if you’re lucky to hear him speak at High Country Hops.

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