Matt Hepburn and Christen McGarry - Your Mates Brewing

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Beer is a Conversation
Matt Hepburn and Christen McGarry – Your Mates Brewing

This week we catch up with Matt Hepburn and Christen McGarry from Your Mates Brewing.

Late last year – 2023 that is, given this is the first episode of 2024 – Your Mates celebrated its 10th anniversary, and it’s been quite a ride for the business. Both Christen and Matt are pretty open about the mistakes and learnings that they had as the stereotypical two mates bonding over homebrew, however, they have also learned a lot – and a lot of that has come from seeking and taking advice.

I thought it would be worth checking in on the pair and seeing how things are going, and what more they have learned as they celebrate the decade of mateship.

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