MC Jarratt - Brick Lane Brewing Co.

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Beer is a Conversation
MC Jarratt – Brick Lane Brewing Co.

This week we meet Marie Claire Jarratt, brewing shift lead at Brick Lane Brewing Company.

Marie Claire, better known as MC, has had a very interesting pathway into the brewing industry. With a background in physics and mathematics, MC was working towards a PhD in experimental quantum physics when she discovered the craft brewing industry in Sydney’s inner West.

Her passion fired, MC wrote as a blogger on her own blog and beer writer and was awarded the beer Media Award at the Australian International Beer Awards in 2020.

For that varied background, you’ll hear MC’s path forked many times and could have gone in many directions, but she has ended up working as a brewer, currently at Brick Lane brewing, a role in which saw her spend quite a lot of time on stage at awards ceremonies of late..

Her path to brewing has given her unique insights into beer, brewing and the brewing industry and this is a great chat with one of the emerging leaders of the next generation of Australian brewers.

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