Nathan Cowan - Billson's Brewery

On the podcast this week, we return to the High Country Brewery Trail to visit Beechworth’s ‘other’ brewery Billson’s.

A recent addition to the Beechworth tourism scene, Billson’s is very much a labour of love for exercise physiologist-turned brand consultant-turned brewery owner Nathan Cowan.

The brewery is built above a natural spring, from which water is sourced for all the beverages produced on site. Operating as a brewery for almost 60 years Victoria’s temperance movement saw it switch to cordials in the 1920s.

Nathan Cowan has maintained the cordial business, and has returned brewing and added distilling to the beautifully renovated building.

It was hard not to be caught up in Nathan’s enthusiasm for the story behind the business and the history of the brewery and the building it occupies.

Enjoy this chat with Nathan and his brewer Tony Paull as we learn the Billson’s story.


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