Nick Boots - The Business of Beer

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Beer is a Conversation
Nick Boots – The Business of Beer

This week we meet Nick Boots, who we last spoke with in early 2020 after his appointment as General Manager at Stone & Wood. Nick recently moved on from Stone & Wood having fulfilled his commitment following the sale to Lion and, after a break, he has recently set up a business consulting to breweries called The Business of Beer.

It’s an interesting beer podcast when you’re quoting the from the William Goldman book The Princess Bride…but it was apt for a podcast with a consultant. To paraphrase it, “the brewing business is hard, anyone who tells you differently is selling something” and in this podcast we look at the challenges that breweries are facing in the maturing and highly competitive market post covid. It was refreshing to hear Nick talk openly about the challenges of brewing and the need to know your business.

We don’t promise answers in this episode – as they say in finance podcasts, this is general advice only – but I think we raise some of the questions that brewers should be asking themselves about their business.

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