Oscar McMahon and Dan Hampton - Young Henrys

This week on the podcast, we catch up with Oscar McMahon and Dan Hampton from Young Henrys.

Young Henry’s is one of those brands that just stands out in the Australian brewing industry. There are few breweries with a stronger brand identity, or identifiable corporate culture. In terms of size, they are one of the largest independent brands and their presence can’t just be seen on tap handles, but pub walls across the country.

Perhaps because of this presence Young Henry’s is one of those brands that gets talked about, sometimes with a note of jealousy. It is one of the breweries that is perennially part of the ‘word on the street’ talk of sales, as well as featuring in discussion about tap contracts and private equity investment.

We talk about all of this and more. It’s a great conversation – a long one that had to be recorded over two sessions. Its a conversation that really gives an insight into the Young Henry’s approach to beer, independence and the art of motorcycle oil maintenance.

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