Peta and Brennan Fielding - Burleigh Brewing

Peta and Brennan Fielding

This conversation has been 15 years in the making, as we chat with Brennan and Peta Fielding, founders of Burleigh Brewing Company.

Burleigh is a fascinating study into consistency in the ever-changing brewing landscape.

It was a pioneering brewery of the Queensland craft scene when it set up, but also much larger than some of the early startups of its day.

In many ways it was ahead of its time. Brennan was already an experienced brewer and together they were experienced brewery owners when they set up Burleigh in 2006.  Both through their comparative size and considered approach to the craft beer ‘revolution’ exploding around them, Burleigh stood apart from the sometimes noisy and attention-seeking side of the market, but was also a distinct point of difference to large corporate breweries at the other end of the scale.

None of that is to say they haven’t been trailblazers, or fundamental to the growth of craft beer in the state, they have just gone about their thing standing a little apart from the noise and hype of the industry.

This is one of those conversations that contains invaluable advice and guidance for anyone with an interest in starting, owning or running a brewery, or for anyone interested in the business of good beer.

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