Peter 'Flip' Filipovic - Jetty Road

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Beer is a Conversation
Peter ‘Flip’ Filipovic – Jetty Road

This week I speak with Peter Filipovic, who is part of a consortium that has purchased Jetty Road from Might Craft.

Peter, or Flip as he’s better known, is something of a white whale for me. He spent 25 years with CUB, finishing as CEO and – in that position – was high on my list of people I very much wanted to interview. Today I get me chance.

We have a great conversation about his decision to get involved in the purchase of Jetty Road, as well as his confidence in the market that led to it. We discuss a lot about the role of craft and whether small breweries should tackle the majors had on.

It’s a great chat with someone who knows that industry better than most.

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