Phill Dempster - Burra Brewing

Today’s podcast guest is Phill Dempster from Burra Brewing, named not as a nod to Australia’s iconic avian alarm clock but rather a contraction of its hometown of Korumburra. It has been operating for just over two years and has built a loyal following with locals.

Nestled on the hill of the main drag in the small Gippsland town, Burra is the manifestation of a crazy idea hatched by three blokes wanting to live the dream of owning a brewery. The plan ticked the boxes of having each bring a different and necessary skill to the table and in this chat Phill goes through the process of planning and executing the plan as well as the obstacles they negotiated along the way. In this respect this conversation is invaluable for those in the position now that Phill was in four years ago.

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