Richard Watkins and Kylie Lethbridge – IBA

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Beer is a Conversation
Richard Watkins and Kylie Lethbridge – IBA

Just about everywhere we go, we hear opinions on the IBA. How it’s doing, what it should be doing, what it shouldn’t be doing and what it should be doing differently.

We have opined on this ourselves.

But we also hear a lot about why breweries consider it’s not worth joining or why they are leaving, and this often involves suggestions that the association isn’t doing enough in some areas, or is focusing on the wrong areas. Often there’s little understanding of the enormity of the association’s task just in dealing with governments at all levels on issues that are critical to the daily operation of every brewery, whether a member of the association or not.

While we were in Canberra for the Hottest 100 Countdown, we took the opportunity to sit down with Richard and Kylie to try to understand what the IBA does, outside of its most visible work on the Indie Seal, the Indies and BrewCon just to give listeners an understanding of why having an association that represents the interests of brewers is so important.

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