Ryan Nilsson-Linne - Wicked Elf Beer

Today we speak with Ryan Nilsson-Linne, head brewer at Port Macquarie’s Wicked Elf Beer.

Wicked Elf, once known as Little Brewing, is a brand that traces its origins back to the days when beer from small breweries was boutique.

Despite having a national presence through the early 2010s and a reputation for great beer, the business went into receivership in 2016, being purchased by its current owner in 2017.

In May 2021 Ryan joined the business and has started to raise its profile.

With Wicked Elf being one of those ‘I wonder what happened to’ brands and Ryan having worked at Margaret River’s Bootleg Brewery, which is another brewery in that category, we were interested in learning more about Ryan, his career and the future of Wicked Elf.

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