Scott Brandon - Bright Brewery

This week, we have our last conversation recorded during our swing through the High Country Brewery Trail with a visit to Bright Brewery.

We visited the High Country Breweries in late January after the fires, figuring that by April, the fires would be largely forgotten outside of the areas affected. Who would have predicted what would have happened instead.

At the time it was breweries in the many regions affected by fires that were hurting. Today it is every small brewery and that makes the reminder all the more important.

I checked in with Bright late last week and they’ve had to lay off all casual staff, and all permanent staff (except Sales) are on very restricted hours. They are currently serving takeaway dinner and beer from the brewery from 5-8pm daily, and offering free local delivery, free pick up, and free shipping over $100 for all online orders to try and boost that revenue stream.

With bottle shops still currently open, they’re pushing off-premise packaged as much they can. It’s getting tough but they say they’re really grateful to still be able to operate in some capacity.

They have a new beer – Kiwi Sweetart Sour Ale – and a few Covid-related sales online.

While you wait for that to arrive, you can listen to founder Scott Brandon talk about the evolution of the Bright Brewing as a tourism and hospitality venture…and start making plans to visit once this is all over.

We discuss tourism, people management and sustainability, all hot button issues for breweries when they aren’t dealing with global pandemics.

Enjoy this chat with a lovely bloke, Scott Brandon.

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