Sonia and Guy Schweitzer - Scarborough Harbour

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Beer is a Conversation
Sonia and Guy Schweitzer – Scarborough Harbour

This week we continue our accidental series on construction professionals who started a brewery as we meet Sonia and Guy Schweitzer from Scarborough Harbour Brewing Co.

Scarborough Harbour made a bit of a splash recently at the The Royal Queensland Beer Awards, winning best new brewery and champion brewpub in addition to a number of gold medals.

It was a strong result for a new brewery, especially one that didn’t ride the hype train as it launched and we wanted to check it out and hear their story.

And I discovered a gem. It’s a great story about how changing circumstances saw Sonia became the driver of the brewery that beer-loving Guy wanted to build, but has had to enjoy from a continent away.

Enjoy this conversation with Sonia and Guy Schweitzer.

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