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Welcome to the The Antidote, Radio Brews News’ live check in with the Australian brewing industry to see how it is managing the current coronavirus emergency. We will be broadcasting a conversation each Monday, Wednesday and Friday during the shutdowns.

You can listen live at 5pm (AEST) using the MIXLR player below, or hear the latest podcasts at the bottom of the page or through your favourite podcast platform.

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We hope our conversations will be your antidote to the uncertainty and isolation that current conditions can bring as we chat with brewers, bar owners and industry suppliers to learn how they are pivoting or adapting their businesses to meet the challenges we are all facing.

Will be recording these episodes live every week day at 5pm AEDT (4pm AEST) and you can listen live on the player above, or listen and participate in the chat room on MixLR. Otherwise, it will be available to download through the Radio Brews News podcast stream on your favourite podcasting service.

Latest Episodes

On Wednesday we checked in with Pete Brown to hear how the UK industry is faring through COVID-19, as well as about his own isolation book project, which you can follow here.

On Tuesday we caught up with Corinna Steeb from Prancing Pony Brewery and also with Karen Stanley from Stanley Law to hear about the restrictions that Prancing Pony was hit with just before Easter. We hear how they are dealing with it, and a glimmer of hope that common sense will prevail.

Then we spoke to Dave Padden from Akasha Brewery and hear how a recent focus on packaged beer has softened – a little – the impact of shutdowns on his business, how he is already preparing for the end of the crisis and why he thinks the legacy will be a renewed focus on local businesses after the shutdowns end.


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